Subliminal Groove Records LLC is no longer a record label.

From the bottom of the heart of everyone who has been a part of Subliminal Groove Records over the years, we thank you.

Since its inception, Subliminal Groove Records has been about helping the underground metal scene thrive. What started out as a simple promotional platform evolved into an independent record label in an attempt to do more.

Changes in management and focus have changed hands repeatedly which may have been the reason for the relative stagnation of the label.

But in reality, the stagnation comes as part of a change in underground music. Record labels aren’t necessary at the small stage anymore. Independent artists can do everything themselves with the myriad of products and services available.

Moving forward, Subliminal Groove Records LLC will create tools and resources to help underground musicians, geared towards the metal scene. This is the best way we can help the scene we love so much.